Dream Art Diary

~ The Knowing ~

New Life

First in my dream series. I dreamed i freed birds from a cage. One of them landed in my hand and fell asleep then started flapping while dreaming it was flying. As it flapped its wings it turned to golden liquid light which i blew on the people and birds around me then said “life is a miracle” and woke up. Everything felt lighter that day. Like a weight had been lifted not just off me but off everyone around me.







~ The Great Bear Flood ~

fear of the unknown

dream series Image #3
I dreamed I had a giant aquarium in my home a bear was swimming in. The bear was hanging at the top of the glass trying to tip himself out. The Glass started to bend like a plastic pool children play in and the room began to fill with water. I was horrified of the bear and screaming at my dad to run before the flood of water rushed through the whole house like a tsunami. The bear broke through the glass and came rushing at me while turning my home into white water rapids. I thought i was dead but looked around to see all was fine. The bear was playing in the water and came over to lick my face. We played together in a bliss like state in the water. My dad was smiling and said “ill cook us some fish” and then i woke up.


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