Goddess Portraits

Goddess Portraits

If you were your own archetype what would you be? What would be your story and the things that symbolize your rich inner world? How could you portray your journey as an epic “fairy tale?” I believe everyone is their own special archetype. I think instead of idolizing the creations of men from long ago, we should tap into our greatness and imagine ourselves as unique symbols of the Hero’s Journey. So if you could be a God or Goddess and could describe yourself at your full potential through art, what would that look like?  When i create my Goddess art this is what i try to portray, I want my clients to see themselves in their highest light! This i believe, is why many of my clients have been brought to tears or experienced healings and messages from spirit through my art. The creative process i go through with my clients is not just art but an exercise of self love. I want you to imagine yourself free, whole, embodying your divine self and translate that into Art.


Sedona fairy portrait image





$66 for a digital and no prints
$77 for one 8 by 10 print
$88 for a digital and two 8 by 10 print
$100 for a digital and three 8 by 10 prints
$111 for a digital and one BIG poster print







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