~♥~*~♥~*~♥~ Wish Granted ~♥~*~♥~*~♥~

Escape to your beautifully unique imaginary world. Heartwork Portraits allows you or your child to come alive in a world you can only dream of. As your personal Fairy Godmother for a day, I can transform you or your child into a fairy, mermaid, goddess, princess, angel or anything else with a wave of my photoshop wand and you don’t even have to leave home! All work is custom fit to your wishes! Contact me for a gift that is SURE to make you or your child’s day!

Hello! My name is Amber, your Fairy Godmother! I have been creating Fantasy Portraits for over 4 years now. I really love what I do and hope to make this passion of mine a full-time job. I aim to bring your dreams and fantasies to life the best I can! One reason why a lot of people choose me over other artist is because of how much heart and soul I put into my work and because of my fair prices. It is quality work that does not empty your wallet.

I have been told I have a great ability in capturing a person’s true essence and energy in my art. I really do put all my heart into it and often my portraits are guided by spirit and higher self. Many times I have heard customers say they found my art to be intuited or healing in some way. Often I have just created intuitively with no set plan and the art they receive makes them cry as it holds some special message for them or just simply reflects their true self back to them.

I can do just about anything…though I specialize in adult and children Fantasy Art. Some of the things I create here at FantasyPortraitArt.com are Fairy Portraits, Fairy Art, Pet Portraits, Goddess Portraits, Ascension Art, Elf Portraits, Angel Portraits, Belly Dance Portraits and Mermaid Portraits. I also can design book covers, website art, youtube layout, etc. You can also order my art as prints, canvas, posters, blankets, coffee mugs, pillows and more through me as well! Many people pay hundreds of dollars to have their child or themselves photographed then photoshopped for fantasy portraits, but I cut out the middleman and the high prices. All I need is a good clear picture of you or your child that you or someone else has taken. You send the pictures to me through Facebook or email and I get to work! Simple as that.

The art program I use is gimp and what I do is basically just a lot of cutting and pasting of stock images to make your dream come to life. I really appreciate your interest in my art and helping me create a living by doing something I enjoy. I offer specials now and then and especially around the Holidays. My portraits make great surprises and gifts for others and are a beautiful way just to treat yourself. NO REFUNDS, I can only make minor changes to pictures unless I misunderstood what you asked for in message. Then I will create a new portrait.