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To know more about Fairy Portraits we need to learn a bit more about the magical creatures called Fairies: Fairies are Ancient Magical tiny beings of mythical folklore and Children’s wandering imagination since the beginning of time. Some say they are tall tales and some say they have had personal experiences with fairies and are not just a made up creature of olden stories. There are stories actually of people disappearing for days and coming back with tales of being sucked into another realm through a fae portal. Fairies in a traditional sense look like tiny humans with wings. Their wings can be dragonfly wings, butterfly wings, bat like wings, etc. Others say that fairie’s in reality actually look nothing like that and look more like elementals resembling plants, bugs, twigs, etc. and overall just look like their surroundings, just as animals evolved to look like their surroundings for camouflage. The Fae are nature guardians and are said to help restore the nature they live in. There are all different types of fairies with different personality traits and purpose.

Keep reading to find out about the different types of fairies:

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The Unseelie Court – A Malicious and Evil Realm of Fae that take great pleasure in hurting humans. They are tricksters ride on the wind on a dark cloud where their unnerving cackles and howls can be heard by all below.


fairy portrait

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Common Garden Fae – Benevolent, beautiful little garden helpers with clear dragonfly wings and clothes made of flowers. Your garden is a lush and safe place to make their home and raise their young. So they help to energize your seedlings and plants in exchange for rent.

Pixies – Very playful and childlike Fae with a mischievous nature. They love to play tricks on humans and each other but are harmless. These kinds of fairies are said to live inhabit ancient underground ancestor sites such as stone circles, barrows, dolmens, ringfort or menhirs.

Dryad – A Fae that is a tree guardian or tree spirit. All Dryads are female and are born with a specific tree to guard and watch over their entire life. Dryads do not have wings and are said to be seen with dresses made of leaves and ferns.

Fire Fairies – Fire element Fae that can be seen dancing on the tips of campfire flames in England, Ireland and Scandinavia. When Humans had no dry wood to create warmth in their shelters and cook their food, they would offer trinkets, herbs or just give praise to the Goddess so the Fire Fairies would help them create flames to fill their bellies and warm their cold bones. They also will create wildfires which has given them a destructive reputation. However, this is not truth as they only create fires to generate new life in the forest.



earth fairy portrait

Fantasy Portrait of two little fairy sisters these portraits make beautiful gifts 

Water Fairies – Water Elemental Fae are angelic like fairies whose soul purpose is to protect the rivers, streams and lakes. Ancient humans told stories of seeing Water Fae manifest into form from tiny dew drops. They could sometimes be felt as a tiny drop of cold water on the skin when there was no rain or water around. Water Fae bless the waters they inhabit and keep the water safe to drink for all creatures. The Irish say if you feel a tiny drop of water on your forehead but it is dry out, that is a water fairy blessing you and helping you with emotional healing.

Air Fairies – Air Fae are protectors of the air we breathe and are quite whimsical. They are very shy and do not like to be seen. It is said if you have been visited by an Air Fae then you have a Fair Heart indeed and have a sacred purpose here on earth. Those who are pure will feel an Air Fae as a little gust of cool wind. To feel the presence of one of these Fae means you are a very sensitive soul with the ability to fly to the highest heights of life and love. Keep and open heart and your dreams will come true.

Earth Fairy – Earth Elemental Fae that occupies areas with very rich smelling soil and underbrush. These Fae are very stoic and take their guardianship of the soil, mushrooms and plants very seriously. Unlike other fae these fairies are not as playful and mischievous. They are very reserved and tend to enjoy solitude, a good book and a cup of birchwood dew drop tea in their free time. They bless and tend to the soil so all life can flourish.



Adult fairy Portrait

Adult fairy portrait – Want to become a fairy today? Click here  

Spirit Fairies – Spirit Fae are guardians of the spirit of nature. Many do not know this but every living being including trees, rocks, flowers, rivers and plants have an inner spirit just like you and I. Spirit Fae nurture the soul of nature just as the other fae nurture their physical well being. They are the essence of creation and their energy is one of invigoration and new life. Spirit Fae never grow old in appearance. They can look 23 at 80 years old. What a loving encouraging mother is to us, the Spirit Fae are to nature. It is said in ancient tales that the cheerful and encouraging presence of the Spirit Fae are why sunflowers turn to face the sun each morning. Plant Sunflowers to attract Spirit Fairies and they will bless and invigorate your spirit and heart with their loving presence.

Whether the Fae are real or not is quite the mystery, however it is no mystery why almost every little girl and even adult dreams of transforming into a Fairy. Those dreams can come to life with Heartwork Portraits! Life can become quite mundane when we lose touch with our inner child. Be whisped away to that magical realm in your beautiful mind once again by transforming yourself into an enchanted fae! Fly amongst the ferns and dance around the fairy circles by moonlight. Nestle yourself on a branch or mushroom for a nap and take baths in the glimmering dew drops by morning light. You or your child will LOVE my Fairy Portraits! Not only will it nurture your child’s own inner spark and bring joy to their heart, but it will remind you of the spark maybe you have forgotten. All i need is a good picture of you or your child and the enchantment can begin!
My Fantasy Portraits with Fairies are my most requested type of portrait and it is great because they are my favorite type of portrait to create! I love working with Kids especially as it is great for my own inner child just as it is for my clients. I love to hear how excited my clients are to see their finished fairy portrait! With my fairy portraits and all of my art I want my clients to feel that light inside of their heart and really feel how beautiful they are inside. My business is called Heartwork for a reason. I want my art to always be a reflection of the gem inside of your core.


What I do to create my Fairy Portraits is I take a picture you already have  and take out the background, then I can begin the transformation. I find lovely nature backgrounds to work with then I place you on whatever looks best with the kind of pose you are in. Some things I usually choose from to set you on are branches, flowers, ferns, mushrooms, logs, rocks, etc. Of course I give you as well a set of gorgeous Fairy Wings. Sometimes I will give my clients a little animal friend to accompany them on their fairy adventures. Click here to become a fairy 


The best photos to use for a fairy portrait is a photo of you or your child with a fairy like outfit on. It does not have to be a costume or even fairy like, it just has to be suiting for the theme. A nice little dress will work or cute outfit of any kind if you do not have anything whimsical looking. Have fun preparing yourself for the picture. Do you or your child’s hair, put on makeup and take all different pics of different poses. I have a list of poses you can do if you need some ideas. I will need a clear, medium to large sized picture to work with. It also must have good lighting (not to bright not to dark) with no dramatic shadows on face. I prefer the pictures to be full body. You will have a 20 minutes consultation with me to discuss what you would like done and if you have no pictures to work with the theme I will have you take new ones in poses that would work best for our ideas.


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Fairy Portraits are truly FUN to create and fun to receive! I guess you can say I am a Fairy Godmother. Each Portrait is unique and special in it’s own way. Many people who do what I do only work locally and just create the same picture over and over with the same outfits on every child or adult and it is quite stale in creativity. I do not take the photos of the children but my work is highly customized and tailor fitted to your dreams and wishes bringing you an extra special and rare Fairy Portrait experience.

So are you ready for the magic to begin? Order a fairy portrait and fly with me now!