Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we get started with a portrait?

A: You will have a Free 20 minute consultation. We will discuss what you would like done and what kind of pictures i’ll need you to send me that will work best for the portrait. Example, If it is a fairy theme I will have you get pics with certain poses and outfit. It should not even take 20 minutes for the consultation. If i have spoken to you for 20 minutes or more and you have not paid yet… there will be a 20$ fee for any additional time spent speaking about the picture.

Q: How much do the portraits cost? Check Rates and Packages HERE 

A: The portraits generally range from $56-$133 depending on how much detail you want, if you want prints,what kind of picture you want and if i have a special going on or not. Some request may cost over $133 like a book illustration, ebook cover or Logo. So more complex portraits cost more. They take me usually from 3 to 7 hours for basic portraits. Family Portraits are 80$ and that includes up to 4 people in photo…any additional person in photo is 10$ extra. So for example if you have 6 people in photo then you will pay $100 (a pet is free and a baby). In pictures of kids together or couples I do 2 subjects in photo for basic price and any additional subjects are $10 per person as well.

Q: How do I pay you? Do I pay you before or after?

A: I only use PayPal. Payment must always be received before starting a portrait as my work has been stolen and watermarked photos were used as well without any payment.

Q: What if I do not like it? Do i get a refund?

A: No, there are no refunds. Though I will do minor changes and certainly fix it if I misread anything you told me to put in the picture. It is rare for me for anyone to not be happy with what i have created. If you love it and just want a bit rearranged, added to or taken out small changes to the portrait are free. I can edit a few things, but I cannot create a whole new picture unless I made a big mistake executing what you expressed to me in messages.

Q: When will i get my portrait?

A: I like to create portraits when inspiration strikes so I can create something truly unique and beautiful. It can take me a day to a few months to send it over. If you have a deadline however, like a birthday present, Christmas present, etc. I will make sure to honor this deadline. Whether I have lots of time to create or a deadline, It always comes out great! Though its much less stressful if you contact me far in advance.

Q: What if I say I will pay you and then cancel?


A: If you have had the consultation and have told me that you will pay at a certain time, then I expect you to pay. I have taken time out of my schedule to consult with you and I would appreciate it if you respected my time and energy. If you have to pay at a later time please let me know. If you once again do not pay at that time, you will pay a $20 cancellation fee and will not have a picture done by me, simply because I cannot do business with someone who does not keep their word.