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Magical custom fantasy portraits from photos you already have!

Transform into a fairy, mermaid, angel and more with Heartwork Portraits!


Hello! I’m Amber your Fairy Godmother. 

Join me on an enchanted journey of transformation. It’s time to show the world the magic you truly are inside!  The fantasy portrait process is simple.  Just send me a clear photo of you, your children, pets or whole family and tell me what you have in mind for your fantasy portraits. Then sit back, relax and let the magic begin. POOF! It’s that easy. All my art is fully customized which means if you want to be turned into a unicorn princess space elf from Sirius I can make it happen!  Anything you can dream up in that beautiful brain of yours I can bippity boppity boop it into reality!

Scroll down to see some of the magical things I can do!

Fairy Portrait Gallery

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Fairy Portraits

Have you or someone special to you ever dreamed of being a fairy? Well, you always were! You just needed a pair of wings, a few forest friends and a tush small enough to fit on a toadstool. Click the button below to begin your fairy transformation! 


 Goddess Portrait Gallery

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Goddess Portraits

Show the world the Goddess you are inside! I will create a portrait that reflects you in your highest power and light. What symbols would reveal your beautiful multi-faceted diamond self? If you were your own archetype what would that look like?  Sure you are a Goddess inside but it doesn’t hurt to have your own universe and a couple of mythical creatures as friends.  


  Elf Portrait Gallery

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Elf Portraits

Shapeshift into your whimsical elf self! You have the cheekiness, wisdom and elven beauty. All you are missing is a pair of pointy ears… and maybe a crown, purple eyes, a dragon and fire-wielding skills?    


  Pet Portrait Gallery

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Pet Portraits

Have an awesome portrait done of your hairy, furry, feathered family. I also do memorial photos for your furbabies that have passed over the rainbow bridge.     


  Angel Portrait Gallery

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 Angel Portraits

Transform you or someone special to you into a beautiful angel today with Heartwork Portraits!    


  Mermaid Portrait Gallery

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Mermaid Portraits

SPLASH! Want to be a mythical mermaid? Dive into the big blue with your new beautiful mermaid tail! You are one click away from swimming with the whales and singing with the selkies.    


Didn’t see anything that interests you here? You can contact me below to talk about what you would like done. Check out more themes I have done like superhero, princess, and magician fantasy portraits here in my main gallery.

About Heartwork Portraits by Amber Barth

I have been creating Fantasy Portraits for over 3 years now. I really love what I do and hope to make this passion of mine a full-time job. I aim to bring your dreams to life the best I can!

I have been told I have a great ability in capturing a person’s true essence and energy in my art. I really do put all my heart into it and often my fantasy portraits are guided by spirit and higher self. Many times I have heard customers say they found my art to be intuited or healing in some way. Often I have created intuitively and the art they receive makes them cry as it holds some special message for them or just simply reflects their true self back to them.

I hope my fantasy portraits are a meaningful experience that touches your life in a profound way. I look forward to making a piece as beautiful and unique as you!




I let Amber have free reign over the creative process of my photo. When I saw the finished product I was amazed as she had completely intuited her way there. She put me on a winter forest background with animals bowing to me. She had no clue I call myself the winter queen and the night before I had dreamed animals were bowing to me. Amazing. I plan on getting more art from her in the future


Amber’s work is incredible. Every time I receive one of her amazing works of art, she has somehow tapped into the innermost core of what is going on in my being at the time. She brings through clarity, intuition, and beauty that I have never seen matched anywhere else. Just looking at her images brings amazing activation experiences to me. I’m grateful for having been able to work with her.


I was drawn to Amber’s beautiful work and decided to have a portrait done for fun. She got back to me very quickly and answered all my questions. She works very fast and I didn’t know exactly what I wanted so she tuned into my energy and intuitively made a portrait that was perfect for me. I will definitely be working with her again.


We were all just blown away and there was just something so poignant about the timing in their life to receive such a gift. For Avenue, who has become such a beacon of optimism in the household, I think her picture made her reflect inward on her magical, mysterious self and allow her to nurture that part of herself that was elemental at thirteen and that is still the source of her creativity. For Viola, who is in the midst of thirteen, and feeling quite stuck in the darkness of that age, she responded so poignantly to the little child that was her, sharing her fondness for her former self and wishing she could befriend that little girl. It sparked such a beautiful conversation about where they are, where they were, and where they will be when they get through it. And it inspired Viola to write a graphic novel about people who walk around with their little child selves and how we would treat each other differently if we could see the child that birthed the grown person. Vicki & I were really touched by this reaction – and I wanted you to know (or at least remind you!) that your work isn’t just about the wonderful artistry, but also the power it has to inspire and change lives.



A beautiful artist who works from her soul!

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Amber went above and beyond for me with my fantasy portrait. Her prices are very reasonable and her work is amazing. I bought the picture of my little girl on canvas through her and it came out great! I will be coming to her for more art in the future.


The creative artwork done on three simple backyard snapshots was fantastic and far exceeded myer expectations ! Amber also went above and beyond for me as a customer in helping arrange shipping of a canvas portrait overseas. My grandchildren were thrilled with the finished photos; they are looking forward to hanging their prints at home when they arrive I would recommend Heartworks Portraits to everyone and look forward to collaborating again in the future with Amber Barth.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Amber Barth and Heartwork Portraits by Amber Barth for this most magnificent work!!




What a gift!


Sedona Soulfire

I am so happy that I found Ambers Heartwork Portraits, I didn’t know what to use for my website and when I found her work, I was amazed at how beautiful, detailed, and intuitive her images gave off. Naturally it was a done deal for me going to her. I was impressed by not only her timely manner, but the way she was able to capture the way I felt and I idea’s I communicated to her, and how she was able to bring it to life through her natural magic. I have gotten two images of her work and I am very happy with what she had created for me. You will definitely give your eyes a treat. I will definitely be coming back to her for her for more, and I highly recommend going to her too, you can tell she puts her heart into it.


I love my fantasy portrait by Amber! she surprised me with one for my birthday and it was so beautiful i cried. I feel like she really captured the TRUE ME!


To be honest I had never been impressed with digital art. What Amber Barth does is more than just digital art, it is beyond extra ordinary. It’s like she sees who you truly are and creates that world just for you. To quote my daughter “Mommy, someone made a picture of my dreams”.


I have purchased a few fantasy portraits from Amber and each one hold a special message. She is very intuitive with what she does. Often she puts in the photo something that had happened to me that same day. One time she put light over the part of my body that I was having pain and while looking at the portrait I felt warmth there. Very pleased with all she has done for me.