Watch this video to see an angel photo creation.

Angel Portrait Tips

Make sure you have visited my page THE PORTRAIT PROCESS to see the proper angle, lighting, crop, and clarity I require of photo submissions as these guidelines apply to all themes. 

This tutorial will just go over poses, outfits, etc. that work well for fairy portraits. 


The outfit can make all the difference! 

If you’re getting an angel portrait, of course, you want to look as much like an angel as possible! Wear the most angelic outfit you have! If you have a beautiful costume that would work great. You don’t have to wear a costume though. Most of the time a simple dress or cute outfit will do! 


Poses and effects 

Front facing poses work nicely so I can easily hide the wings behind your back, giving them a very natural look. You or your children can also pose based on what kind of angel photo effects you would like. For example, if you wanted to be holding a dove or a wisp of light you can take a picture with your hand out and cupped.