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In your pursuit for sweetness, you pollinate and spread life wherever you roam. Just being you and doing what you love you help hearts bloom. When you embrace your passions and God-given gifts you are doing what creator designed you to do. This helps restore balance to the whole human ecosystem or collective consciousness.

Like a bee, you may not be aware of the mighty purpose you serve by doing something as small as buzzing around and sipping up the sweet nectar of life. Never underestimate the power of your presence. Just by embodying your divine blueprint alone is part of your mission here.

Our desire for love, for a divine purpose, is an instinctual desire, the same desire that makes a bee fly from flower to flower, making life possible just by feeding itself. So do what makes you feel FULL inside. Do what makes your heart flutter so much it’s as if you can elevate. Just BEE you!

You don’t have to be doing anything obvious to be making a difference. Everyone has a role within the hive and no matter how big or small the role is it serves the whole just the same. So whatever it is you feel called to do or called to be, do it with all your heart. It’s often the small things and little gestures in life that have the greatest impact.

Whatever kind of bee you are, your just important as the rest. Without you, the rest of the hive would fall apart. Appreciate yourself and begin to see the value of your essence alone and the energy you radiate. When it is time to be out in the world doing some obvious form of service it will be something that blooms naturally from just BEING.

Ask for bumblebee’s help when

• You are longing for your purpose in the hive of life

• You need to remember the sweetness of life

• You need help finding your tribe

• You need help being productive while the sun shines

• You need help with communication

Additional Bee Meanings

• Balance

• Rebirth

• Community

• Growth

• Productivity

• Blessings

• New Life

• Healing

• Growth

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