Bison Spirit Animal Meaning from

Heaven and Earth Oracle Messages Deck

When you are a giant source of strength, power, abundance, compassion, and wisdom you often are a fortress where others come for nurturing, healing and hope. Though if you sacrifice yourself too much for the ones only there for your energy with no intention to grow, you will have nothing left for yourself and those who deserve it. STAND YOUR GROUND! Learn when to say NO! If you are giving more than what you have and getting nothing back you will end up on the brink of extinction. Stand tall with only those who honor your sacredness so those who don’t will know to stand down.

Ask for Bisons Help When

• You need help setting boundaries

• You are a people pleaser

• You need to stand your ground

• You need to ground

• You need help with gratitude

Bison Symbolic Meanings Key

• Boundaries

• Abundance

• Resourcefulness

• Self-Sacrifice

• Freedom

• Blessings

• Deep Spirituality

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