Black Panther Spirit Animal Meaning from Heaven and Earth Oracle Messages Deck

Do you have problems expressing your sensuality even though you know how beautiful it is? Our wombs hold so much buried emotions laced with shame it is no wonder we have trouble allowing ourselves to let the love in down there. Though when we have blockages in our sexual chakras we have blockages in our other chakras.

Our sexuality when connected to our heart brings us back to a state of original innocence. When we allow energy to flow through our womb and heart we are much more likely to know who we are. No wonder “they” drown us in sexual distortion. You may feel quite murky down there but know healing is on the way.

Panther helps us navigate the depths of darkness within our womb so we can transmute it into light. She helps us to get in touch with our sensuality and power by guiding us through our sadness, rage, and stagnation. Panther says RAWR YES GET ANGRY! CLAW THE CRAP OUT OF SOMETHING! It is righteous rage! Rage with a purpose and direction! It is taking you back to your core.

Notice her smoothness of motion, sense of balance and confidence as she prowls. Panther doesn’t have to say anything for you to see her power, just as a woman has a natural presence of authority when her feminine is balanced and healed. Do whatever helps you get in touch with your panther like flow.

Ask for black panther’s help when

• You need help navigating through darkness

• You need sexual healing

• You need help expressing your sensuality

• You need help balancing your feminine energy

• You need help releasing rage

Additional Black Panther Meanings

• Balance

• Raw power

• Instinct

• Protection

• Feminine Power

• Shadow work

• The Dark Goddess

• Illusion

• Intuition

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