Fairy photoshoot fairy portraits

Why choose my Fairy Portraits over a Fairy Photoshoot?

A Fairy Photoshoot is when a photographer takes pictures of your child in a costume provided by them among various props and a backdrop. Then they will add digital effects to make it look more fairy-like. You may not have a fairy photoshoot near you and that is where Heartwork Portraits comes in! Heartwork Portraits will create a beauiful custom and totally unique fairy portrait for you without having to leave home!

You Don’t Have To Leave Home

It can be quite difficult sometimes to get a newborn or child to pose, smile, stay still and be comfortable with a stranger in an unfamiliar setting. If your child is having one of “those days” and the shots do not turn out so great, you will still have to pay the full price of the package. You are also paying for a picture that looks pretty much the same as what the other children had done as well.

Though turning you or your child into a fairy with My Heartwork Portraits is much more simple, affordable, comfortable for the child and not just that but more realistic. You can use pictures you already have or you can take new pictures of you or your child in the comfort of your own home, on your own time with your iPhone, digital camera, etc. and send them over to me from any part of the world. No expensive photoshoot required. I can take any good quality photo and turn it into a magical scene!

Unlimited Customization

Unlike Fairy Photoshoot Photographers, I add a lot more detail. I have the ability to even more so bring you or your child’s dreams to life as I am not limited to props and basic fairy photo effects.

Say your child wants to be next to a unicorn in a forest, holding a bird or bunny with a certain kind of wings…I can customize where Fairy Photoshoots cannot. You may want to be by a pond, in a tree, or on a flower with mountains in the background and I can do this where Fairy Photographers generally cannot.


When you pay me, you are paying for things you would like in your photo that are dear to you. You are paying for your OWN IMAGINATION being brought to life. Not an overly produced portrait that a thousand other children have had done. Unlike Fairy Photoshoots each of my Fantasy Portraits are unique and special! If you want prints you can get them through me or take the digital copy I send you and order them online at the site of your choice or at your local Walmart, CVS, etc. No waiting around for prints and you can choose a place with the best price.

Not only are you paying less for Fantasy Portraits at a higher quality, but you are getting much more than just a picture from a Fairy Photoshoot, you are purchasing a valuable and cherished moment in you or your child’s life. You are having you or your child’s dreams tailor-made into a unique work of art. 

The possibilities are limitless! 

Whether you or your children want to be a Fairy riding a hummingbird through an ancient meadow, a mermaid basking by the sea, a mischievous elf peeking from behind a birch-wood tree, a princess riding a unicorn, a mystical deity with 8 arms riding a Tiger, a pirate, superhero, angel, God, Goddess or dragon slayer, I can make it happen!

I can also Photoshop your children in with their favorite characters, from their favorite shows, movies or books. Whether it be standing next to Elsa in her ice castle, Casting powers with Goku from Dragon Ball Z, sitting under Grandma Willow with Miko, Flick, and Pocahontas, or playing underwater as a mermaid with Ariel…I can bring their inner dreamscape to life!

I do hope you consider my Personal Fairy Portraits over an expensive Fairy Photoshoot and I Look forward to working with you and your little ones. Let the Magic begin!