Here are some answers to very common questions.

I hope this helps! If not then no problem! Feel free to contact me! ūüôā

Q: How do we get started with a portrait?

A: First visit The Portrait Process page to get an idea of what kind of photos I¬†need from you. Under The Portrait Process page,¬†there is a drop-down menu with tips for photo¬†submissions for different themes. Once you have checked those pages out you are all ready to start the booking process! Contact me to start the booking process. You will have have a Free 20-minute consultation where we discuss what kind of portrait you want done and what kind of pictures I’ll¬†need you to send me if the ones you sent are not suitable.¬†

Q: What kind of photos should I send for my portrait?

A: Please visit The Portrait Process page 

Q: How much do the portraits cost? 

A: The portraits generally range from $100-$130 depending on how much detail you want, if you want prints, what kind of picture you want and if I have a special going on or not. More complex portraits cost more. They take me usually from 3 to 7 hours for basic portraits. In pictures of kids together or couples, I do 2 subjects in the photo for the basic price and any additional subjects are $10 per person.

Here are what portraits generally cost.

Packages for most Fantasy Portraits:
$100 for a digital and no prints
$110 for a digital and one 8 by 10 print
$118 for a digital and two 8 by 10 print
$126 for a digital and three 8 by 10 prints
$130 for a digital and four 8 by 10 prints

If you would like different size prints like big poster prints I can do those too! Just ask ūüôā I also don’t mind throwing in a few wallet-sized prints.¬†

Q: How do I pay you? Do I pay you before or after?

A: I only use PayPal. Once we have chatted about what you would like done, I have approved your photos and you are ready to book your spot in line, that is when I take payment. I never start any artwork until payment is received. I work on a first come first serve basis so booking your portrait reserves your spot in line. 

Q: What if I do not like it? Do I get a refund?

A: No, there are no refunds. Though, I will do minor changes and certainly fix it if I misread anything you told me to put in the picture. It is rare for me for anyone to not be happy with what I have created. If you love it and just want a bit rearranged or for me to make some small changes don’t worry this is free. I can edit a few things, but I can’t create a whole new picture unless I made a big mistake executing what you expressed to me in messages. If you would like me to show you screenshots¬†of my progress so you can tell me if you are loving it or not just ask! ūüôā

Q: Do I get to choose from any backgrounds?

A: No, this is not like a fairy photoshoot with premade backgrounds. Everything I create is unique! I will choose a background based on what looks best with the photo you submit and whatever ideas you had for the portrait. 

Q: When will I get my portrait?

A: It can take me a day to a month or more to send it over depending on how many portraits I have to do before you. You can contact me to get an estimate on timing as that will differ depending on how booked I am. I do first come first serve. If you have a deadline however, like a birthday present, Christmas present, etc. I will make sure to honor this deadline. If you have a birthday or other deadline please contact me far in advance!