How to Create a Beautiful Oracle Deck in 6 Steps

Creating your own oracle deck is one of the most rewarding and emotionally fulfilling ways to make use of your brilliant mind and creativity. Not only is it something that will continuously help yourself and other people but it is a way to connect deeper with life and spirit’s presence. You will be surprised at the growth and wisdom you have attained as you draw upon your life experience, inner beauty, and intuition to create your deck. Are you excited yet? Good! Let’s get creating!

Step 1: Get Inspired!

Reflect upon your own life experience. What have you learned that can help others? What will inspire hope and clarity? Your deck has the potential to help many people so make it meaningful and appealing to peoples emotions. Draw upon your wisdom for the messages/theme and write them down. Keep a diary or journal with you to write things down when inspiration strikes. 

Deck Ideas

Affirmation Deck 

Spirit Animal Deck

Tarot Deck

Movie or Book Themed Deck

Crystal Deck

Fantasy Art Deck

Angel Deck

Astrology Deck

Story Deck

Sacred Geometry Deck

Comedy Deck

Step 2: Find a Printer

Before you create your art you need to know what size to create your cards along with other important graphic design details. Find a printer and ask them about graphic design details, price per deck, etc. 

Details to Ask a Printer

Available Sizes – Decide if you want your cards to be big, regular, small, heart-shaped, etc. 

Templates – If you don’t have photoshop, printers often have PNG templates to load into your art program.

Pricing – Figure out cost for each deck, shipping, boxes, booklets, etc.

Layout setup – If you don’t know how to create layouts, usually they will set them up for you.

Textures – If you want your deck to have textures ask if this service is available.

Step 3: Create Your Art 

Figure out how to communicate your messages symbolically through art. You want your art and messages to be cohesive. You can create art first and write the message after as well. Whatever works for you! If you don’t exactly have any artsy skills you can create a deck with just words too! Like an affirmation deck or deck of famous quotes. If you feel creatively stumped, look at other people’s decks for inspiration.

Mediums to Create Your Art


Digital Art


Stock Photos – Free Stock Photos 


Step 4: Connect

Creating an oracle deck is an interactive experience, a way to get closer to source. Connect with life. Ask spirit what messages need to be in the deck for the greater good. Pay attention to the signs and syncs.

Ways Spirit Can Communicate to you Important Messages For Your Deck

Through Nature/Animals




Step 5: Proofread

Check your deck thoroughly for grammar errors and design flaws before sending your deck off to the printers! Printers just do the printing and may not be happy having to fix your mistakes, but hey it happens. Just do the best you can. If you have to have your printer swap out a few cards in the layout it’s no big deal.

Step 6: Have Fun! 

The smell of freshly printed cardboard has never smelled so sweet! Now you have your new, beautiful deck in your hands. AWE YiSS! Play with your new deck, give your friends readings, brainstorm ways to use your deck like card spreads. Be in awe of your creation.