Watch this video to see a pet portrait creation.

Pet Portrait Tips

Make sure you have visited my page THE PORTRAIT PROCESS to see the proper angle, lighting, crop, and clarity I require of photo submissions as these guidelines apply to all themes. 

This tutorial will just go over some tips for submitting pet portraits. 


Angle and Position 

Front facing photos work great! You can also submit photos of your pets from the side and in other positions too! I just prefer to work with photos like the one below.  Take photos of your pets at an eye level angle. The angle a photo is taken at will determine how the whole photo is designed. It’s much harder to work with photos that were taken at angles any other than an eye-level angle. Taking a photo at eye level means you take the photo at the level of the subject’s face. Photos taken at eye level are very nice to work with and ensure the best possible pet portrait you can get! This is because most of the stock photos I use to create my pet portraits were also taken at eye level so having a photo to use at that same angle makes the photo much more realistic.


Outfits and Effects

If you want a certain theme for your pet portrait like “king” or “queen” theme it is best to dress your pet in an outfit as sometimes it is hard for me to craft a new outfit out of stock images. If possible take pictures of your pets without a collar or leash so I can add accessories like outfits and jewelry. It just looks nicer that way!