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Close your eyes and ask spirit your question. Tap into your heart and stop the video when you feel intuitively guided to do so. Find your message from spirit below!

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Card messages are in alphabetical order.


If you’ve been experiencing increased synchronicity in the form of repeated numbers, significant signs or reminders from Spirit of some other time in your life then you are currently in the process of alignment. Everything you need to step into a more harmonic life is lining up because you are balancing, aligning and harmonizing within. You are receiving reminders of the past so you can see how much you have grown and step into this new life cycle with confidence and optimism. You have transmuted much so the treasure you now hold on the inside will show up on the outside as well. If you are experiencing activations at this time or more activity in your crown and heart chakra then you are receiving downloads that will help attune you more to your higher self. Be proud! You are ready to let go of the past. An exciting, fresh life cycle is unfolding for you now.

Angel Oak

God has fertilized the seed, now all it needs is to be showered with faith and absorb the warm rays of divine promise. Yes, you are awakening but you are still buried beneath the surface. If it feels like blossoming is taking forever it’s because you are slowly growing strong and mighty roots so you can grow into a strong and mighty tree. The oak seed does not force itself into growing. Effortless it grows into its natural giant and ancient blueprint. The oak is a symbol of strength, wisdom and healing. You are in the process of awakening to your dormant healing abilities and a whole new you but the wisdom you need to get there will come through just being. When we feel lost and desperate to feel like our bigger self again we tend to seek continuously for answers outside of us. We may spend endless amounts of time, energy and money on self-help books, gurus and all forms of guidance though nothing seems to help us break the surface. These things will do no good until the precise moment nature decides it’s time for you to grow another branch of awareness. This card is confirmation to allow yourself to dwell in that dark, rich and nourishing underworld so your roots can grow properly. Stop trying to fill the emptiness. You were emptied of all the things you learned from others that has been blocking your roots from absorbing your own divine wisdom. So taking on more belief systems about what you experienced won’t help as we need to move away from belief systems into knowing. You are slowly building a solid foundation on pure intelligence and original thinking so you can reach your full potential. Soon your mighty branches will be a safe place where all of God’s creatures come to rest and play. When the raging storms of change come ripping through the forest, you will have learned to bend and not break. You are blossoming into the best version of you for yourself and all of creation. Your wisdom that comes from experience vs. others beliefs will help other seedlings to grow towards the warm sunlight of their true being as well. You are destined to be a great healer in all that you do.


It may be hard for you to believe while feeling like a puddle of goo bound tight in the shadows of the unknown but soon you will emerge from those shadows with wings of light in a form more beautiful than you could have ever dreamed because you will be the dream of God. Butterflies are a perfect symbol of the awakening process and the faith it takes to be reborn. A caterpillar goes through a period of ravenous consumption then will spin a cocoon around its whole body hermitting itself in a creation of its own making. This stage for us is known as the dark night. Like caterpillar, we are struck by a divine vision of what could be but to be it we have to transform. So we start stuffing ourselves with illusion and spiraling into our shadow so the death of the old self can begin. The caterpillar begins to turn to goo forming a primordial soup for the new self to emerge. From this seemingly lifeless puddle of goo, an entirely new organism begins to form as the “imaginal cells” start budding. These imaginal cells are the future seeds of potential that had once been dormant in the caterpillar. For us, we experience this too as DNA activations and the blossoming of dormant spiritual gifts. The butterfly cells are so unfamiliar to the caterpillar cells that a war begins within the cocoon between the old and new self. Thus we go through the same inner battle while experiencing ego death. The butterfly cells begin harmonizing with each other and form connections until the blueprint of a flying creature is fulfilled. This is the stage for us of integrated harmony, wholeness, and connection when we begin to feel our new wings. Like Sister Butterfly you have a divine blueprint and must trust the process and have faith that the miracle of rebirth is still happening. You know the truth you can feel it in your cells. Have faith in the blueprint and imagine yourself into being. Soon you will soar on the wings of true life.


Know when to be a rainbow of color and when to camouflage yourself from predators. Some are not worthy of your energy and are only there to bask in your aura, wearing it as a mask so you perceive the same beauty in them. Chameleon is a shaman gifting us the ability to shape-shift. He shows us when to be bold and bright or blend in with our surroundings. It is not always wise to be transparent when a snake is near. Should you quietly observe the situation at hand or speak up? Is it worth your presence and energy? Chameleon also knows you have to be the change you want to see in the world. When your aura is dull the world seems dull and mundane. Are you in need of more color? Chameleon says when you shed your skin life becomes new again and the rainbow of you naturally reflects out into the world you see. When we have new skin the daily things we do every day become new as well. The change you are desiring is not so much from the outside as it is from the inside. Though making changes to the old on the outside can help you feel new inside, like rearranging your room or getting a haircut. Small alterations can create big changes. Life is not always about having something new but discovering the new in the old, else you will be like a hungry ghost wanting more and more never being fulfilled. Like a chameleon real love is ever-changing into something new. If you can be love you will be able to find new life and color in what you perceived as dead and dull.

Closer Than You Think

It’s often the times we are ready to give up and lose hope that what we are seeking is right around the corner. We can only endure pain or disappointment for so long until our heart gets filled with doubt. Though the times we feel the heaviest like we can’t take anymore are often just times of emotional purging and are followed by a period of healing, grace, peace, positive change, rewards and feeling lighter. What is it you are passionately seeking? Whether it be inner or outer wealth, this card is a sign to not lose hope and keep moving forward in the direction of your dreams! That which you have been seeking is closer than you think!


Rise up on Eagle’s wings and enter the vision. It is time to remember who you truly are. Eagle wraps you in his wings and lends you his eyes so you can see beyond the veil of illusion. The light wisps of feathers and wind on your face feels like the presence of seraphims. Creator has heard your prayers and is taking you home, to your higher self. Eagles have powerful vision. They can see 8 times stronger than our human eyes spotting prey from a mile high. Thus eagle symbolizes our spiritual vision when we close our human eyes and see through the single eye of the universal heart. With eagle as our totem our vision is strong and focused, we know the truth and are so full of conviction no amount of illusion can keep us from the truth. Eagle is also a symbol of balance soaring in the center of heaven and earth, reminding us to touch the sun but never fly so high we lose sight of the ground. Just like the eagle, we are a bridge and we cannot ground heaven on earth when not connected to our center. Eagle wants you to remember your perfection so you can be free of “sin” aiming with sureness and truth, never missing the mark. If eagle visits you in dreams or in waking life, know that your angels are near. Invoke your inner eagle so you can be a divine messenger too, connecting both worlds by delivering the good news from earth to sky.


You may feel you are swimming in stagnant waters, but just because the waters are still it doesn’t mean there is not an abundance of new life and movement bubbling below the surface. The changes you want are happening slowly because a transformation as deep as this does not happen overnight. Though, down below on an unconscious or very subtle level, the changes you desire are forming. If you can take a moment to be content in this stillness and nothingness you will be able to feel these subtle changes taking place. Look back and take note of how far you have come. Do your cells feel more alive? Do you feel more breathe in your body? When you look in the mirror are you glowing more? Are your dreams changing? There is more going on below the surface than you know! A giant transformation is taking place and as the unconscious slowly becomes conscious, the light in your psyche will grow bright enough to reveal the wondrous depths and wholeness of you.


If Hawk has flown into your life, he could be bringing you a message about seeing the bigger picture. Have you been feeling a block or obstacle in front of you but don’t quite know what it is? Hawk is here to help you zoom out and see the forest for the trees. It is not like you have not been trying to move forward, though the reason it feels forced is because there are details you need to see first before SOARING. You are wanting to leave the nest to soon. Hawk says to pause, slow down and observe with your inner eyes. There are tools you still need to gather and lessons to be learned before you take flight. Call on hawk to help you see the bigger picture. Once you do, you will fly higher than you ever have before. Hawk helps us prepare for our divine mission. He helps us navigate the winds of change and also is a trusty ally in discernment. Call on the spirit of the Hawk when needing keen discernment. Hawk is a pro at seeing snakes in the grass. He plucks them up and devours them, consuming them for nourishment. This makes him a master at “snake medicine.” Sometimes we may be fooled by snake people but when we embody the spirit of hawk we can transform their venom into nourishment for our soul. Pause, relax and take a step back from your current situation. Allow Hawk to help you expand your awareness so when the wind of change brushes your feathers you will be ready to soar as graceful and high as you can.

Knowledge of Self

To know yourself is to know true reality. If the mirror is dirty how can we see anything but a muddy reflection? The more you are clear within yourself, the more you will see people, situations and reality in general through the eyes of divine truth. To know yourself is to inherit the kingdom of heaven, your body the walls that hold within them the rarest of treasures, your awakened soul. To know who we are is the greatest of gifts and key to being sovereign. If you strongly desire to know yourself then you are destined to be a Queen amongst men, to sip from the holy grail and climb the tree of life because you will see you are it.

Koi Fish

Koi fish symbolize prosperity, good luck, longevity, abundance, and perseverance. If koi fish has swum into your life it is a sign great fortune is coming your way. You’ll be glad you didn’t stop swimming in the direction of your dreams even when you felt the current was going against you. You are nearing a time of happiness and celebration. A shiny koi fish swims to you and opens its mouth to reveal a golden pearl of abundance. Do you accept?


Otters are playful, creative, spontaneous and curious creatures. Much like our inner child they always appear to be enjoying the present moment. Otters work hard to enjoy delicacies like clams, sea urchins, abalones and crabs, though they are also notorious for playing with their food. Otter says it’s time to pursue a career that is in alignment with your inner child, passions and God-given gifts. When you are doing what you love, the work no matter how hard feels like play. You’ll be most fulfilled doing something that exercises your creative talents, stimulates your heart and brings meaning to your life and others. It may not happen overnight but you will enjoy every step of the creation process while bringing your dreams to fruition. Making a living from the artistry of your soul will give you a newfound confidence in yourself and outlook on what is possible in this life. Otters hold hands to keep from floating away. You will have divine helpers that come to hold your hand when you are losing faith in your vision. They will provide you with opportunity, new ideas and the push or pull you need when you feel you are floating too far from home. Otters juggle the rocks they use to crack open the hard shells of their tasty morsels. In Tarot “The Juggler” or “The Magician” signifies a time in your life a situation will be presented that contains all the tools you need to manifest your heart’s desires, as well as it signifies a time you have the ability to create a new life cycle through the power of optimism and a can-do attitude. Otter says go for it! You will not be disappointed.

Owl Eyes

This card is a confirmation to trust your inner eyes. Though first take a moment of silence to observe yourself and the situation. Is it true intuition or a projection? Maybe things are not as they seem or maybe they are exactly as you perceive. Owl Medicine is about pure discernment. Knowing when to trust our intuition fully but also knowing when our traumas could be causing us to fear something that is not really there. Owl medicine helps us to see the truth. It helps us to see the light in the darkness but also the darkness in the illusion of light. When you see with true owl eyes, you can avoid harmful situations with your keen foresight and wisdom. With owl as a totem, you will have no guilt biting the head off a snake as soon as you spot one. The snake people may get upset because you saw their bad intentions at first glance and attack you for it. Though with owl as a guide you devour their poison and it only makes you more powerful. Like an owl, silently observe the situation and when you are sure your inner eyes are clear then don’t hesitate to take your chosen path of flight. Do you need to stay silent in this situation and keep your presence unknown? Or do you need to swoop down and bite the head right off? Invoke your inner owl and you will know the truth and the best way to handle it. Owl says “Trust your pure emotional intelligence and that which has been hidden from you will soon be revealed.”

The Passage

You may feel lost, heavy and weary as you will many times on this journey through the wilderness of the dark night. Though you should know by now it is just when you feel you can’t go on anymore that the passage of light reveals itself and you are shown the way home. You are not lost like you were before you are only purging so the doors of perception can crack open and let in the guiding light of your higher self. The passageway can be a dark and tight squeeze but that is why it’s called a breakthrough. On the other side is the expansive, unlimited nature of the true you. Home is within and is not so far away!

Passion Flower

Desire is of divine design and not to be tossed aside as invaluable. For every desire is a valuable lesson. At first our desires yes can be “foolish.” We can desire things very strongly, yet when we attain them, we are still left feeling empty. As we fulfill each desire we learn that what we want is not what we need and slowly over time our desire becomes of a higher nature. When once our desire was empty illusions we thought would make us feel whole, now our desire is for true substance, God, purpose, love, inner wealth. This divine desire and passion is what makes the seed bloom into a flower and a caterpillar grow wings. So shall you blossom and soar on the wings of true life if you can grant yourself permission to let your passions be fulfilled. You have a choice, but it is not wise to deny yourself of that which is the guiding light to your full potential and fullest life. God and Goddess know the dream of your soul and you shall have all you wish for in your secret heart if you are brave enough to let your inner passion flower bloom once more.

Polar Bear

Polar bears are powerful super-souls and come to us when we need to remember we are bigger than the challenges we face. Polar bears can survive in extremely scarce environments because they have thick skin and are masters at being resourceful with food and energy conservation. Call on polar bear when in adverse conditions so you can summon the courage and raw power to stand tall and face the challenges at hand. There is a time to be soft and a time to put on your thick skin, show your teeth and do what you have to do. With polar bear as a guide, you can make the most of the scarce resources around you until the abundant spring comes. If polar bear walks into your dreams it’s a sign you are ready to reawaken and will experience a powerful initiation. Call on polar bear when you need to find your true north.

Prairie Queen

Have you not felt like your true self for too long? Do you remember wholeness or what it was like to be your true self? Prairie Queen says do not give up!You are destined to be your true self again, reborn into a being even more beautiful than before. Prairie Queen dances with the rainbows created from the sun shining off of her diamond soul. She dances with rainbow hoops as a symbol of wholeness and a fully open and balanced chakra system. The streams of pure life flow through her freely and she has found harmony within. She has found connection to herself and to the universe. She is a Queen but also a Girl. She walks with the authority of Queen, but also with the heart of a child. Her riches and kingdom are wherever she roams because they are her spirit. Doves fly above her head as a symbol of angelic freedom from choosing divine will. Prairie Queen wants you to know you are closer then you think to bringing home your diamond self, so keep digging! Claiming the riches of your soul is your birthright and your destiny!


Spring is here and life is blooming all around and within you now. Many blessings you have been waiting for are now coming to fruition. When spring happens inside of us we become ripe in our essence and heart. This gives us the ability to create and give birth to our creations more easily. It is a very fertile time to manifest your desires. Whatever it is you put your mind and heart to will be multiplied and quickly.


Brother Raven is the keeper of secret knowledge and a heyoka. Raven cloaks the esoteric mysteries behind its ebony feathers which is why people see raven as a creature of darkness, but behind those black eyes is pure light, the sacred fire of awakening. Raven comes when you are ready to receive the sacred fire, unveiling the the Great Arcanum within you. When you awaken, you are like Brother Raven alive in the land of the dead, which makes you highly misunderstood. Some may think you are crazy or even think you went to the dark side because the knowledge alive in your cells is far beyond their current understanding of life and themselves. Though be like a cackling raven “crazy” with the joy of enlightenment. Brother Raven knows who he is so others perception of him doesn’t matter. He teaches us through humor, doing things “backward” to reveal how our belief systems are silly and rigid. Though once we understand the trickster medicine of raven we realize we were backward, not him. If raven has flown to you, you are ready to unveil that which has been hidden. Know that when raven opens your eyes to the light, your eyes will also be open to the darkness. This is why raven is the symbol of calcination, the first stage of alchemy where we begin to break down and transmute our shadow self. Brother Raven says if you want to be a keeper of the sacred flame you must be willing to burn all within that seeks to destroy it. It’s time to begin the Great Work.


You may feel you cannot bear anymore, but it’s not the first time you have felt this way. Be still like a cold, glimmering winter’s night and inhale peace. Create energetic space within yourself so you can begin to see things more clearly. When you are calm begin to ponder past situations in life that were similar. Is this a pattern? Was before worse than it is now? Can you feel your body breathing more than before? You broke through that icy veil last time, so surely you can now. Be easy on yourself and reflect upon the wisdom and tools you gained from prior experiences that can help you unfreeze the grip of your current woes. You’ve grown so much and you know this too shall pass. It is time to break the loop of fear as you now have enough wisdom to set yourself free. You are safe, supported, loved and will receive all the answers you need to break through to the other side.


You have been through something very traumatic. Your angels want you to know that you are entering a time of much deserved and needed healing. They wrap you in their warm embrace creating a bubble of golden light around you for your soul to come home. You are safe and very loved. Breathe in the golden light of spirit and allow your cells to fill with creation energy. Day by day you will go through cycles of purging, release, contraction, expansion and all is natural. When the buried pain surfaces you will want to give up but do not give up. Know that this is Spirit helping to clear out the junk so you can make more room for your true self. The worst is over now beloved one. The paradise of your own heart awaits you on the other side. It’s time to lay back in the river of life and float.

Star Showers

The clouds part as the light of love fills the night sky. Heavenly blessings rain down upon you. The prayers you thought were going unheard have turned to shimmering falling starlight that fill your heart with new life and hope. The universe wants to remind you that dreams can come true. Don’t be surprised when beautiful opportunities begin falling into your lap as if they just fell out of the sky. You have done so much work! You have cleared the dark clouds within your mind and surroundings so you could see and merge with your own inner star so now there will be starlight in all that you create, give and receive. This is not just the universe blessing you, it is you blessing yourself! Receiving the love and goodness of you. Remember you are never too old to wish upon a star! Any wish that makes your inner star glow and grow will certainly come true!

Swan Dance

On a midnight sun, two swans dance in the lake with two fountains until they merge as one. Swans are a symbol of the sacred marriage between the masculine and feminine within and without. Our most natural desire is to experience union with self and another. To experience God’s love for you in another body and a connection that is the essence of creation itself. To be whole within yourself is beautiful, but to share your true nature with another you is one of the most sacred things on Earth and the most intimate. When we experience a higher soul bond we’re initiated into spiritual alchemy. True love is not about romance as much as it is about transmutation from lead to pure spiritual gold. To wed our beloved is to wed all polarities within. A swan partner will awaken us to heaven and hell. They will mirror us at our highest and at our lowest, showing us our full potential and also that which keeps us from it. If you are dedicated to the divine and your full potential, you are destined to meet a higher soul connection in this life. Just keep doing your inner work and someday you will meet another you. The love you share for each other will be the love you have for yourselves. If you don’t love yourself, they will show you where it is lacking. Your love will extend beyond yourselves as you share the heart of Christ. While you heal yourselves, you heal the world. You don’t have to be perfect to meet your beloved, you only have to have a strong desire to be your true self and remember what true life is. Once you begin to dance the dance of opposites it is quite the balancing act and how willing you are to be authentic will determine if you will be like swans mating for life.

Take Your Time

While in our cage all we can dream about is breaking free and soaring on the wings of freedom, though when that day comes it’s not always easy to spread our wings and fly. When we have been in captivity for too long, it changes us and it does not end when the cage is opened finally. Freedom and captivity are a state of mind, not just a temporary situation. Your captivity could have been an abusive relationship or just the normal mind framing of the matrix. There are many things that hold us hostage whether it be someone else or ourselves the truth is still the same, we need to be rehabilitated and slowly eased back into the wild to truly be free one day. A narcissist can hold you captive for years and then decide they no longer have use for you so they open the cage and say “There, now fly free” though your wings feel bound to your body and are much too weak to carry you. When you are used to small spaces, the big sky can be a very scary thing, so it is okay to revisit and cling to your cage until you are ready to never look back. Take your time and know that spirit sees you as a fragile precious little swallow who needs the utmost care, attention and love. Slowly the space inside you will expand a little more and more and you will remember that big blue sky inside of you. It will even scare you at first to feel that first rush of wind against your wings and the first breathe of life, but your true nature is to be free and wild. So revisit the cage as much as you need, because once your soul remembers it’s home is in the skies there is no turning back. You are destined to soar.

Tiger Energy

Can you say a thousand words without saying anything? Can you roar in silence? If you can then you have a strong presence. Our presence says more about us than our words. A tiger does not have to say anything for you to know it’s powerful and not to be messed with. Do you easily lash out at people? This is because you feel small inside. Of course we need to stand up for ourselves, but we need to do it in a way that is effective. Sometimes saying less is more. When we constantly scream and lash out at the person on the receiving end, even if they deserve it they see us as small because we have to scream to seem BIG. When we authentically feel like a tower of power we can make our stance known with one look or a few words. Develop your tiger self and say “I am worthy, I am royalty and deserve admiration and respect” without saying anything. When you are a tiger, there is no need to jump over a tiny flea. Embodying your tiger self will naturally attract people into your life who respect and love you as you love yourself and abusive situations will be a thing of the past.


Even though you feel spiritually blindfolded right now, trust that spirit is guiding you where you need to go. When we are high on life surfing the universal current we naturally feel we are on the right path because we feel good. Though, as soon as the ebb happens after the flow we easily lose faith and feel somehow we got off course. Sorrow and numbness don’t always mean you have done something wrong or are off path. You are just building up for the next wave of healing that will sweep you further than you were before. We eventually need to realize even though we are feeling like there is no movement, there is always new life bubbling from below. You don’t always need to know where you are going. As long as you have that strong desire to be your truest self and know in your heart you are dedicated to fulfilling the dream of your soul, then trust that spirit will always be leading you home and you are never lost.


Slow down and find your own pace. There is no rush when the destination is inside of yourself. Turtle is at home wherever she roams and knows that heaven is a state of being. Some native tribes believe turtle is a map of the cosmos, underworld, heaven and earth all in one. Her shell looks as if it is fragmented yet she is a symbol of The Great Mother and integrated consciousness. Turtle reminds us that even though we may feel fragmented we are always whole but healing enough to where we genuinely feel that again can only happen through steady progress and grounding. If you have been through something traumatic and withdrawn into your shell, turtle wants you to know that retreating from the world into solitude is often a form of self-preservation and natural. Despite how separated you feel from your true self and creation one day you will come out of your shell and see your wholeness once again, but this can’t be rushed or forced. Turtles can live a very long time because they take their time. They have almost no predators and if they are in danger all they have to do is hide in their shell. To help you come out of your shell turtle asks us if there is really anything to be afraid of anymore? Are we trying to keep something out or keep ourselves out by perceiving a danger that is not there anymore? There is no rush but reflecting on these things may get you one step closer to having a much-needed breath of fresh air, stretch in the sun and dive in your favorite pond. The Great Mother still has you safe within her sight. You are protected and still on path.


Unicorns are generally white because they are a symbol of purification and higher consciousness. Unicorns represent the stage in our alchemical process when we begin to purify the feminine forces within us and unify them with the masculine. The most magical part of the unicorn is the alicorn upon its head, symbolizing the divine energy in us all that spirals from our earth chakras to our higher chakras. Once this energy reaches our crown the gateway to Christ consciousness is opened. This connection to the higher heart is symbolized often by a star at the end of the unicorn’s horn. In this state of being, we are whole, purified, connected and our most powerfully magical selves. This is why the unicorn is seen as the most magical of the mythical creatures because they are an archetype of the awakened human soul. We are most powerful when connected to our higher heart, embodying the truth of creation. So you see, there is a unicorn alive in us all! Unicorn wants to remind you that the magic and grace you see in her is only a reflection of the magic and grace inside of you! Commit every day in choosing self-love so you can set your rare, enchanting, miraculous, otherworldly unicorn self free!

Spirit of the Whale

Whales are ancient beings and keepers of the future and past. Their bodies are a giant acoustic instrument used to sing their unique soul song as they swim through the higher spheres. Whales come to help us remember who we are. They gift us the medicine we need to become more self-aware and dive deeper into who we truly are. What is the water like you are immersed in? Is it a big beautiful ocean within you, you feel free in? Or do you feel beached in low-tide? Some don’t know when enough is enough because suffering has become the norm. They don’t know when the water is getting too toxic and shallow or when they are diving deeper than they can handle. Some don’t know when it is time to come up for air or time to stop floating at the surface. Whale says you have to begin to realize when enough is enough. Your instincts are faded because you have lost touch with your own unique soul song. Just like whales, we each have our own unique soul song that is in harmony with the symphony of creation. Whale medicine helps us remember our soul song through the gift of self-awareness. Expand the ocean of you, creating more space for your soul and emotions to flood you. Do you feel under pressure? It’s time to come up for air. Are you feeling dried up, beached and thirsty for life? Summon the spirit of the whale, it’s time to dive the depths of you!


Wizards are Soul Alchemist that manifest in the physical realm the gold they have perfected inside of their mind, heart and spirits.You have done much inner work and now all you touch will turn to gold. Don’t be surprised when the physical around you starts to match the gold within your spirit. You have the Midas touch and deserve all the wonderful things that come to you now! Wizardess says this is a very magical, potent time for you to start that new project, take that jump and manifest what you desire.The energies are high and an extra powerful feminine energy is surrounding you right now. The stars are aligned for you so wield your magic and direct it where you want it to go. You will manifest what you desire! You have pulled back the arrow and now it’s time to aim your enchantment and let it fly!

Wild Horse

A wild horse gallops up to you and bows so you can climb on his back. He wants to take you on a beautiful adventure into the unknown full of new opportunities. Though there is just one condition, you are not allowed to take the reins. This card is a sign new life is just on the horizon, but you have to let go of the reins so the wild horse of life can carry you to freedom. You know what you want, but there are still some old back roads and hidden paths you must take to get there. There are no shortcuts when the destination we long for is inside of us. If the map you made to your dreams keeps leading you to dead ends, it is time to release control and let spirit take you where you need to go. There are many treasures of wisdom found in the rocks, streams and trees of the path less taken. These little treasures of knowledge you may have overlooked when letting the mind lead you are the very things that will ultimately help you achieve the changes your heart is desiring. The wild horse may also be a sign there is something within you are trying too hard to tame or suppress. Let this wild creative force within you break free so you can ride on the winds of true freedom. The wild horse wants to bring you towards consciousness. It is only through consciousness we can take the reins of our life and be true co-creators. Wherever you are wanting to go in life, this card is a sign you have the endurance and spirit to get there!