The Portrait Process is simple!

1) Contact me and let me know what kind of portrait you would like done. You can choose from my themes like “fairy portraits” and “pet portraits.” If you want something that you don’t see in my gallery no problem! I can do just about anything you can think of with the right photos. If you are not sure what you would like done that’s okay too! I am pretty good at helping my customers come up with a one of a kind piece they will really love!

2) Before you book your portrait you need to submit your photos to me so I can make sure they are good quality images that will work with the theme you want done. If you don’t have good photos to use that is okay you can take new ones. Keep scrolling to see what kind of photos work best!

3) Once you have submitted photos that are of good quality and will work with the type of fantasy portrait you want done you may book your portrait.

 4) Booking your portrait will hold your place in line as I work on a first come first serve basis. I don’t do any kind of work until I receive payment.

Important! You should always check with me first before booking a portrait to make sure you have proper photos to use because once you pay there are no refunds! Please check my frequently asked questions page to read about my policies before you order.

Below are some tips on how you should take photos and what kind of photos to submit. 

1) Focus on the angle!

The angle a photo is taken at will determine how the whole photo is designed. Its much harder to work with photos that were taken at angles any other than an eye-level angle. Taking a photo at eye level means you take the photo at the level of the subject’s face. Photos taken at eye level are very nice to work with and ensure the best possible fantasy portrait you can get! This is because most of the stock photos I use to create my portraits were also taken at eye level so having a photo to use at that same angle makes the photo much more realistic.


2) Lighting is important! 

Natural or balanced lighting works the best. The more professional looking photos you have the better. Photos taken in unnatural lighting like fluorescents do not work well for photos that will be turned into nature scenes for example. You want the lighting to match the scenery you plan to be in for the most realistic look. Most of my art I turn into beautiful nature scenes so balanced outside lighting works best. Sometimes inside photos can work just fine too so submit what you have before taking new ones just to check.

3) Photos need to be as clear as possible!

As I said before the better quality a photo is the better the picture will be when it is finished. Submit the most professional looking photos you have.


4) Do not submit photos with filters on them!

Unless I use that same filter on the whole new background it will not look natural. 

5) Pay attention to the crop!

If you would like a large background then photos you submit should be full body or at least have all the head and shoulders in it. These work best so I have lots of room to decorate your picture with details. 

That’s it! Now you are all ready to submit your photos and begin the booking process! 

To submit your photos contact me here 🙂

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